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Band Members
Rachel Gardea - Lead Singer John Ranis - Guitar - Vocals Tom Atkin - Keyboards - Vocals

Rachel started singing as a child in her local church. She had a big voice for a small child! Rachel has been singing professionally for the past 14 years in several cover bands in the San Francisco Bay Area. Some of the bands she has performed with locally are Livewire, Sugar Rush and Johnny Vegas and the High Rollers.

Some venues that she has performed in are the Fillmore, ATT Park, Bimbos and Levi Stadium. She enjoys singing The Blues, Rockabilly, Pop, Rock, Disco, Rock and Roll, and Funk Music. She looks forward to seeing you on the dance floor!

John started playing guitar at age 4. John is an obsessive compulsive guitar player. He is equally happy in the pocket, grooving behind a good vocalist as he is taking center stage or pulling of a burning solo.

He has played guitar, bass and sang in numerous bands and venues throughout the Bay Area. These bands and musical styles vary greatly from the fire & brimstone rock and blues of The Jody Counter Band, the soul & funk of The CT Cruisers (An 11 piece horn band), the Memphis Soul of Stax City (An 8 piece horn band), to The Teleblasters' Twang & Roll. All roads have led to the Rock and Roll Rhythm Revue.

This band gives John the opportunity to lay down classic guitar lines with his Gretsch 6120 through a '57 Deluxe. That in itself makes him happy.

"Musical" is the atmosphere piano player Tom Atkin has grown up with. From his father, a great old-school jazz pianist, vibes and trombone, Tom has picked up much of his sparkling, musical personality. Beginning piano lesson at a very early age, Tom is blessed with a solid classical background.

His writing and playing talents became apparent around the age of sixteen and has kept him active in producing, recording, performing, writing and teaching for decades. With great mentors such as Oscar Peterson, combined with the rock style of Jerry Lee Lewis, Tom's playing dazzles listeners with energy that is hard to find anywhere.


Susan Copperman - Sax Bob Fruhlinger - Bass Mike Watermann - Drums

Susan has been playing saxophone since she was 9. She studied classical saxophone in college. Her musical interest leaned towards Improvisational Jazz.

She is well versed in an assortment of styles. Soul/Motown – The C T Cruisers, Funk with The Mighty Groove, and Pop - Too Smooth. She made it full circle to reunite with two of her CT Cruiser Band mates. This time playing Rock and Roll to which she is uniquely suited.

Originally from New York City, Bob began playing in bands in 1965. He is versed in a variety of musical styles, including Blues, R&B, Folk, Rock and Pop. His New Wave /Rockabilly group, The Dates, spent the late '70s - early '80s sharing the stage with The Ramones, Blondie and Madonna.

Since relocating to The Bay Area in the mid '80s, Bob has performed with a number of acts. Some of the Blues Bands were The High Rollers with Phil Berkowitz, The Blind Lemon Band, Brother Cat and, currently, The Patrick Ford Band. Recent Rock Bands include The Brian Travis Band and The Lindsey Thomas Project. His Instrumental Trio, Madera Marin, performs Jazz, Folk and Gypsy Swing

“When I saw Ringo and the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show, I knew that was what I wanted to do! Lots of garage bands in St. Louis! I did shows with Luther Ingram ("If Lovin' You Is Wrong--I Don't Want To Be Right") and Dorothy Moore ("Misty Blue"), then a few years with Billy Peek (Chuck Berry's guitarist in the `60s and Rod Stewart's guitarist from 1975-1980) playing St. Louis bars.

Then after 18 years with `50s and `60s showband--Sh-Boom, I moved to Sonoma County! Fortunately, I met the Poyntlyss Sistars and was their drummer before I joined The Unauthorized Rolling Stones in 2004. In 2008, I was one of the founding members of Twang Ditty and had a great time playing classic country! I also enjoyed my time with CT Cruisers and Hot Karma, and I'm proud to be reunited with John Ranis and Susan Copperman in the Rock & Roll Rhythm Revue!"


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